I got the call from FES to say my job was ready to collect,  I had Jason assemble the crank, connecting rods and pistons for me in house as these guys do it all day everyday and was also a piece of mind thing for me. It was a big milestone having the machined parts back home and ready to put back together.

Bottom end and internal details:
OEM crank
ACL bearings
OEM connecting rods
OEM .2 oversized Autech high compression pistons
OEM piston rings
ARP main bolts
ARP head bolts
ARP connecting rod bolts
OEM oil pump
OEM water pump
Tomei oil filter block
OEM timing chain kit
KTS Japan high capacity oil sump
OEM seals and gaskets throughout
OEM oil gallery and frost plugs

My first job was to temporarily sit the block on the engine stand and inspect everything. Have a good look at what Jason had done and get some photos before diving in to it.


Over she goes, rotated to check out the internals, while upside down I fitted the oil pick up and the oil baffle plate. It was late in the evening now and decided to leave it there as I knew I needed to take the block over to the bench to fit the new rear main seal and housing.



Block off the engine stand and on to the bench to fit the new rear main seal and seal up the housing with new fixings, these parts came out immaculate after going through the parts washer at FES.

Back on the engine stand now and parts from storage are finally moving. The next task was the timing chain kit and setting it up on the crank. I have never done the timing on the SR20 motor but as you can see it’s straight forward. I must add that I have the full workshop manual for Silvia and has come in handy over the years whether its tightening everything to spec to double checking your work, also makes for good light reading.

Timing chain and guides fitted


Was happy with the lower half of the timing so zip tied the timing chain to prevent it from dropping off or skipping a tooth on the lower sprocket while fitting the new oil pump.

Oil pump sealed and fitted with new fixings, Tomei oil block fitted also new fronts plugs and oil gallery plugs fitted.


I then sealed and fitted the HPC coated upper sump pan and the new KTS Japan high capacity baffled sump. The quality of the sump is superb and I also got a good deal on it. These engines have pretty low oil capacity so  it makes me happy knowing there will be an additional litre of oil in there.


To be continued…