Tear Down Continued

24/4/17 I wanted to keep my 'busy with car stuff' streak going so grabbed my hubs and brakes from storage which were still fully assembled, front and rear sway bars, additional suspension bracing and any brackets still left to prep... Continue Reading →

Subframes Pt.1, Paint !

19/04/2017 I hadn't been hands on with car stuff for a while, mainly waiting for parts and making my mind up on a few bits a pieces so I decided to make a start on the front and rear S15... Continue Reading →

Bolt-on’s / Engine Trolley

20/1/17 The last bits and pieces from HPC were completed and I could continue the assembly stage. I had the engine mount brackets,  power steering / alternator brackets and pulleys coated gloss black and the coolant necks coated sterling silver... Continue Reading →

Assembly, Top End

20/12/16 The head was up next and this engine was about to take shape. As much as I wanted to do it myself / knew I was capable of doing it myself, I had Jason fit the new valves and... Continue Reading →

Assembly, Bottom End

15/12/16 I got the call from FES to say my job was ready to collect,  I had Jason assemble the crank, connecting rods and pistons for me in house as these guys do it all day everyday and was also... Continue Reading →

HPC Coating

I decided I would get the rocker cover, head, block and misc parts HPC coated. Not only does the coating make the appearance aesthetically appealing but can withstand temperatures of 260°C and has great resistance to scratching, chipping , chemicals, and DOT3... Continue Reading →


I haven't written about my intentions for the build yet, I thought I'd wait until this time in the blog so will briefly talk about my goals for when the car is 'complete'. I really want this to be a... Continue Reading →

Coil Pack Conversion

In my tear down post I mentioned the distributor was pretty well stuck in the head well here's a story. I started with trying to ease it out like you normally would with no luck, it would not budge. I tried... Continue Reading →


20/9/16 I sent my clutch away to be rebuilt by the guys at Autoclutch - another fantastic job which was completed with plenty of time for me to take down to the machine shop as part of the balancing. This... Continue Reading →

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