The head was up next and this engine was about to take shape. As much as I wanted to do it myself / knew I was capable of doing it myself, I had Jason fit the new valves and new valve springs as he had the correct tooling (valve spring height micrometer) to correctly measure the valve spring installed height and overlook the seat pressure and valve open pressure. With this done the rest was simple bolt in work and installing new parts.

Top end and internal details:
Cometic steel head gasket
ARP head studs
New OEM Valve stem seals
New OEM Autech valves
OEM valve guides
New OEM Autech valve springs
OEM retainers
OEM shims
OEM rocker pivots
OEM rocker arms
Re-ground OEM Autech spec cams
Tomei rocker arm stoppers
New OEM seals and gaskets throughout
OEM frost plugs

It’s important to check the fitment of the head gasket and to be sure all the rivets (if using a steel multi layer gasket) are clear of the block and head mating surfaces. Happy with the fitment I put the head on and torqued it down with the new ARP head stud kit.


Head was on ! I then looked out my shims, rocker arm pivots and rocker arms from storage. I cleaned all the parts then put them aside, next was to bleed the rocker arm pivots. For this you fill a small container with new engine oil , then  place the rocker arm pivot in the container vertically, using a thin tool such as a pick or punch and holding the pivot with the other hand verticaly submurged in oil insert the tool from the top of the pivot, you can feel the valve inside pressing down which lets out all the air and old oil. Once the air bubbles stop exiting the pivot your good to go, just keep them vertical from here on. I then placed the pivots in the head and fitted the shims and rocker arms





A month passes due to a bit of a parts wait and I finally get around to finishing off the head assembly. The fresh cams, Tomei rocker arm stoppers, oil tubes and modified oil baffle plate to suit the Tomei parts were fitted. I made sure to use plenty of assembly oil on all contact points of the cams and rocker arms, Jason at FES gave me a tube of the stuff he uses and it seems to be great product.


Cam sprockets fitted, torqued down and the correct timing set. I cleaned up the used cam angle sensor and popped that in also and finally the new timing chain tensioner and gasket along with the HPC coated VCT gear front cover



To be continued…