I placed an order with Gktech which included solid subframe risers, solid diff bushes, front and rear sway bar end links, front and rear braided brake lines and urethane engine mounts. Included in the order was some parts for my mates A31 Cefiro project – aluminium steering rack bush, rack offset spacers, wheel nuts and viscous fan.



I decided to have a go at fitting the solid bushes in the subframe, having them sit in the freezer definitely helped but these were very tight and took some time and effort to fit. Was great having an extra set of hands from my girlfriend and am looking forward to how these impact driveability.



Continuing from the tear down I set to work on the remaining parts taken from the S15. It was a fun and rewarding exercise seeing the parts go from used seconds to as new or in my opinion better than new.

I started by cleaning the parts I previously stripped down (bushes, ball joints etc) which involved a concoction of cleaning agents and plenty of scrubbing. Once the worst of the years of road grime was lifted I decided to fit the new ball joints prior to painting because I knew there would be a chance of damaging the new paint – I’m happy I took that approach… side note for anyone wondering, you’ll find parts stores only have part numbers for the front ball joints, they are the same all four corners.


Big tick off the list getting the ball joints situated correctly. Next I prepped all the parts (front and rear lower control arms, rear hub carriers, front knuckles / spindles, front brake shields and also the rear subframe front mounting plates. I used a wire wheel, scotch pad and sand paper finishing off with a good clean down with prepsol, masking off anything needing it.

First step was primer, I didn’t take as many photos as I thought but all the parts went through the same process.

Next was the top coat, I decided to keep it simple with the black which should go well with the gunmetal subframes. I’m well pleased with how all the paint turned out.

I let all the parts dry in a room which reaches near 30 degrees even in winter which comes in handy for times like these.


I did a bit of research as to which urethane bushes to use. I went with bushes from Driftworks in the UK and saw them within four days. The six that fit in to the rear hub carriers fitted with ease, did them by hand. The rear lower control arms however were a different story. Definitely struggled doing this alone but eventually had them correctly and neatly fitted. Am looking forward to getting this rear end assembled !

To be continued…