I wanted to keep my ‘busy with car stuff’ streak going so grabbed my hubs and brakes from storage which were still fully assembled, front and rear sway bars, additional suspension bracing and any brackets still left to prep and paint.

I started by removing the factory camber, toe and tensions arms then moving on to the half shafts. This is where I struck my first and only problem, one of the shafts was stuck well and truly in the hub. Trying every trick in the book with the tools we have it still wouldn’t budge so I ended up taking the assembly down to FES to be pressed out.


Made the most of Anzac Day spending the morning in the shed continuing with the tear down. I removed the rear lower control arms off the knuckles, burnt out the rubber bushes and then cut the sleeves out. The front lower control arm bushes were a little easier, they came out in one piece using a hammer and the correct size socket. Next the ball joints in all four lower control arms were removed with help from my old man.

The rear brake calipers, discs and hubs were removed next along with the front hubs removed from the knuckles. I plan on re-visiting the brakes at a later stage. Lastly the rear knuckle bushes were pressed out. This is made easy in a vice using a large socket on one side and a socket the same size as the bush sleeve to press the bush out of the knuckle and in to the larger socket.


The front and rear lower control arms, front and rear knuckles, sway bars and other brackets can now be prepped and painted black. New ball joints and urethane bushes will be fitted to the arms and knuckles along with the sway bars getting new end links with urethane bushes. The camber, toe and traction arms will be replaced with aftermarket adjustable arms.


I tidied up the shed and had a visit from Garret in his super tidy 180sx kitted out with a full Type X kit and built SR20DET which made for a fun afternoon. Check him out on Instagram @garry_mccombe


To be continued…