I hadn’t been hands on with car stuff for a while, mainly waiting for parts and making my mind up on a few bits a pieces so I decided to make a start on the front and rear S15 subframes.

First I jet washed the stripped subframes which I did at an earlier date including removing the OEM bushings and sleeves. The jet wash attachment I used stripped a lot of the loose paint along with all the dirt and grime. I took a wire wheel to both subframes which worked really well removing %90 of the paint, then finished off with multiple sheets of scotch pad. I sprayed the subframes down with brake cleaner and lit them on fire to get in to all the hard to reach places for extra measure and finished up the cleaning process by using prepsol and a rag.


I hit them with light coats of primer, used two cans overall

For the top coat I chose gunmetal grey and used five small 150g cans in total


The temperature in the shed was dropping so I called it a night there. The following day I used the remaining two cans for the final coat.



The shed was nice and warm and the paint was dry so took them inside to join the rest of the parts I have waiting for this build. I am going to be fitting solid subframe and diff bushes at a later date. It’s a small one but definitely a step forward.


To be continued…