The last bits and pieces from HPC were completed and I could continue the assembly stage. I had the engine mount brackets,  power steering / alternator brackets and pulleys coated gloss black and the coolant necks coated sterling silver to match the head and block. Of course everything fitted up with new cap screws and washers.

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At this stage I had the engine off the engine stand and on to the newly fabricated engine trolley I was building on the side, I am by no means a professional welder but I’m well pleased with how this came out. I didn’t take many photos of the process but what I made up is fairly straight forward.

I used 50×50 box section steel with all ends mitred to 45 degrees to make a rectangle base frame. Then welded four caster wheels to each corner on the underside of the base frame.
On two parallel sides of the base frame I welded on two vertical sections running in line to where the engine mount brackets are – also mitred to the angle of the engine mount brackets as if sitting on the engine mounts / front sub-frame.


Next I welded two sections of steel plate on top of the vertical sections for the engine to sit on, I drilled holes where needed to bolt through as if bolting to the engine mounts / front sub-frame. I finished the trolley off by grinding a few of the welds down, sanding the frame / prepping for primer and paint. You can see bellow how I’ve positioned the engine to sit with the best weight distribution as possible.




New OEM thermostat acquired and fitted, coolant neck sealed up.


Seeing the valve cover go on was the icing on the cake and my box of new gaskets and seals was looking emptier and emptier. You can see just behind the oil cap where I had to notch for the Tomei rocker arm stoppers.


The valve cover fixings I had been waiting for arrived, unfortunately two of the aluminium caps / washers were missing so am waiting for them to arrive from the states. Pretty tidy kit this, wont be needing the coil pack cover cap screws.


With the engine on it’s new trolley fitting the new clutch and flywheel was super easy. All aligned and bolted down with ARP flywheel bolts and the clutch cover bolt set from my old red S14.



The blog posts are now up to date and can say there are some cool things coming, will be working on the induction side and looking for a car to put the running gear in next so watch this space.

To be continued…