I haven’t written about my intentions for the build yet, I thought I’d wait until this time in the blog so will briefly talk about my goals for when the car is ‘complete’. I really want this to be a learning experience for me, go even deeper in to the build compared to the red S14. I want to get my moneys worth with this car so in plain terms I want it to be used as much as possible. I want an all round car, something I know like the back of my hand, something that can be daily driven if need be then in the weekends taken to the race track, a car that can be taken to meets and is generally presentable. I would like to participate in Motorsport events starting with driver training days to learn my car and improve my driving skill and confidence. Moving forward I would also like to do grip days and track play days. You name it i’d love to do as much as possible with this car, drag, drift, skid pan, gymkhana, cruises.


I chose Franklin Engineering to do the machine work on this engine, myself and other family members / family friends have used FES in the past with no complaints. On the 25th I collected my head, block and rocker cover. Jason Voice has done an amazing job with the following.

Head –
Acid dip
Crack test
Surface mill
Port and polish
Machine valve seats
Replace & fit new exhaust side valve guides

Block –
Acid dip
Crack test
Surface mill
Bore & hone
Line bore main tunnels
Full balance of bottom end
Acid dip, crack test existing connecting rods
Acid dip, crack test, hardness test, straightness check and polish crank

Rocker cover –
Acid dip
Nitrogen freeze and fit front dash 10 push fitting
Tig weld rear dash 10 fitting (replaces PCV valve)

I also had the Autech cams ground as they were showing slight wear along with all internal fixings, oil baffles, cam caps, external engine parts and brackets tank cleaned.