In my tear down post I mentioned the distributor was pretty well stuck in the head well here’s a story. I started with trying to ease it out like you normally would with no luck, it would not budge. I tried other tricks and eventually was stumped. I then proceeded to pull a little harder still with no luck at all. I tried some circular movement action whilst pulling and eventually it pulled away from the head, I exhaled in joy which was shortly interrupted with a silence of worry as I realised it had snapped in the head. My main concern was removing the now snapped shaft of the distributor which thankfully removed with ease. I have now put that behind me and all is good as I was planning to do a coil pack conversion.


I picked up the second hand parts needed for the coil pack conversion – cam angle sensor to replace the distributor, four coil packs & the coil pack harness. I was looking for a complete turbo loom also but am leaning towards a possible engine loom re-wire up when it comes to it. The n/a valve cover does not have previsions for the coil pack bolts or the coil pack cover (I wont run the cover because I don’t want the coil packs to be sitting in a sauna). I drilled and tapped my rocker cover with some awesome Wurth three stage taps, I am well pleased with the result.







To be continued…