I started the tear down process which I find highly enjoyable. When your in the shed, musics playing and your in the zone you can really get some decent work done. I made sure to take notes and photos of everything I was pulling apart and put lessons and general knowledge to use packaging all fixings into bags and labelling everything  even though I’d be replacing all the fixings with new items. As the shed was growing messier and messier I always made sure to put all my tools away and sweep up before starting the next step, its a piece of mind thing.

When I first took the rocker cover off I was surprised with how clean it was inside.


Once the engine was on the engine stand I removed the timing chain tensioner, cam gears, oil tubes, cam caps and finally the cams. The distributor was pretty well stuck in the head so left that for last, more on that in a later post.

I was lucky enough to have a set of head stands handy but alternatively place it on it’s side never on it’s underside / mating face with the block. I called it a night there, locked up and left myself plenty to get on with.


With the block now bare on the stand I rotated it upside down, removed the steel sump pan and also the upper aluminium sump plate to get a good look in to the bottom end. Again everything was quite clean and sound. I then removed the pistons and crank along with all the bearings to assess the bottom end further.


To my surprise the standard size Nissan bearings were throughout the bottom end. This goes back to when I mentioned maintenance in a previous post. 290,000km ? no problem.

The head was straight forward to disassemble, the valves and valve springs remove easily with a standard valve spring compressor tool. The valve stem seals and rocker arm pivots simply pull out. Again everything was labelled and bagged.



Over a month passes which in that time I had made multiple parts orders and also made a decision as to what I’m doing with this engine in the re-build processes.  I took a two week holiday and knowing me the first thing I do when I get back is take the head, block and misc parts to the machine shop.

To be continued…