In late 2012 I decided it was time to sell my at the time current project car (1980 Vauxhall Chevette) and modified daily driver (1988 Toyota Supra). It was early 2013 when I manged to sell both of these cars and the hunt for my ‘dream car’ became serious.

It was late one night, mid June now, I received an email from Trademe that a new listing had been posted. The listing had no photos and a very brief description on what sounded like a stock standard New Zealand new 200sx S14. I straight away contacted the trader and an hour later we were in a supermarket car park checking over the car.

Long story short the following day I was the new owner of the S14. It was the clean and tidy, stock canvas I was hunting for. Three years pass and my understanding, knowledge, and love for this car kept growing strong. Besides the head and the block there wasn’t much of this car I hadn’t enhanced and although I only really used the car on the weekends every time I sat in that driver seat there was an unexplainable feeling of happiness.  The sense of accomplishment was high seeing the car going from factory specification to an almost OEM + version and all happening in our workshop using our own hands and putting research to the test.

However with the minimal use the car was getting in result of me being overly fussy and over protective, I eventually decided it was time to sell the garage queen. let someone enjoy it and potentially use it to it’s full potential. I haven’t looked back since, other than now typing this…

Key basics 

Nismo gear knob
Rebuilt Recaro SR3 seats
Bride MO seat rails

OEM F/L rear bumper
OEM F/L bumper end caps
OEM PFL side skirts
OEM F/L grille
OEM 200SX clear front bumper indicators
OEM D22 Navara clear side repeaters

Wheels & handling
17×9 +25 rear 17×9+5 front Work Emotion T7R
235/45 rear 225/45 front
Part shop MAX coilovers
Part shop MAX rear upper control arms
Part shop MAX toe arms
Part shop MAX traction rods
Part shop MAX tension rods
Juran front strut brace
Greddy rear strut brace
Ultra Racing fender braces
Ultra Racing front lower brace
Ultra Racing c pillar brace

Engine & drive train
Factory SR20DET engine and five speed manual gearbox
S15 side mount intercooler
Garage Zeal cold side piping, HPC coated hot side pipe
Genuine Nissan spec r s15 t28bb turbo
S15 exhaust manifold HPC coated black
Braided turbo coolant and oil lines
Part shop MAX cobra downpipe
XForce high flow cat
Fujitsubo power getter cat back exhaust
Apexi intake kit
EGR fully removed and blanked
Charcoal canister removed
Optima dry cell battery re-located to boot
Gktech clear CAS cover
Clutch rebuilt by Autoclutch